I feel comfortable with Dr. and staff. Agree on their procedural and healing philosophies. Will recommend them to others.


    Dr. Lori is extremely knowledgeable and able to communicate her knowledge well. She demonstrates genuine concern for the client's well-being. Friendly environment and helpful staff.


    I broke a crown and called and an appointment was made for the same day with a follow-up the next morning. I was treated like a patient should be treated.

    Mike Grizzel

    I am grateful to have found Georgia Holistic Dentist and Dr. Lorie Stevens. My negative memories of going to a dentist and sitting in a dentist's chair have been changed to a more positive experience. I appreciate and respect her holistic approach to dental practices which are in alignment with my current life experiences. I'm actually looking forward to having the dental work!

    Vicki K.

    WOW! I was impressed. This was my first time to a holistic dentist and I would not recommend seeing any other type of dentst. I was very happy with my results so far and anticipate all future visits will be as successful. I love the staff as well as the dentist and have not always been able to feel that comfortable. Love you guys and keep up the great work!

    Tracey Swaim

    We appreciate your knowledge, enthusiasm, and holistic approach to dentistry. Visitng your office was like a breath of fresh air!


    Everyone was so very nice and answered all my questions. Thank you for such a wonderful experience!


    Dr. Miller-Stevens was concerned about my overall health, and not just my teeth. The office stadd was very friendly.


    The dentist spent a great deal of time making sure everything was good with my bite. I truly appreciate that she is interested in your total health and not just your teeth.


    Dr. Lorie is the only dentist who has ever recommended a new solution to my dental needs!

    Jennifer Skogman


    Dr. Stevens suggested to me on numerous occasions that I get a bite guard because I  grind my teeth at night. The antidepressant I take made the problem even worse. UNFORTUNATELY, I WAITED one tooth too late. After cracking a molar and getting a crown, I FINALLY got a bite guard.

    What a difference- now I don’t wake up with a headache, and I should not have to buy any more crowns!

    Patty N.

    Bite Guard and Natural Anti-Inflammatory:

    I thought I needed a Root Canal because my tooth was hurting so badly. When I met Dr. Lorie at my work at Winner Wellness in Gainesville, she said it might be grinding-related. I made an appointment for her to see me that day! It turned out that because of my bite and grinding, my tooth was getting beat up as I ground my teeth at night! So, Dr. Lorie suggested a Bite Guard and Inflammaforce, a natural anti-inflammatory that will not harm your liver and kidneys! The money I spent on the Bite Guard is the BEST MONEY I EVER SPENT!!

    Thanks, Dr. Lorie!!

    Terri Sandt

    Gum Disease and Mercury Replacement:

    I suffered from gum disease for a period of 25 years.  Traditional dental treatments for the disease didn’t offer much relief.  I was told that, at best, all I could do was monitor the disease.

    Finding Dr. Lorie, I followed her advice on home oral healthcare, took the periodontal formula supplement, and had a series of laser treatments on my gums.  Also, I had the last two remaining amalgam fillings in my mouth replaced. Click here  to learn more

    One year later—my mouth is healthy and as a bonus, I feel much better as well!!

    Thanks to Dr. Lorie and her caring staff!

    Jean C.

    Speech Therapy:

    My son Tyler has been in speech therapy for two years. We went to Dr. Stevens and in five minutes, she taught Tyler to make the S sound by teaching him to say s-s-s-snake.

    Thanks, Dr. Stevens

    Dwayne Campbell

    Dental Phobia:

    I have (horrible) memories of Dentists from my childhood AND recent past. So, I googled and found Dr. Stevens. I’m very, very HAPPY with Dr. Stevens and her staff. They are very patient and gentle, with a big baby like me.  I don’t mind visiting the dentist as long as it is Dr. Stevens.



    I was scared to death of the dentist! Ever since I was little, I would cry and scream and pretend I was sick, when I had to go to the dentist. So, when I was 20 my boyfriend of 5 years proposed to me, and I thought “There is no way I am getting married and paying for beautiful pictures with my teeth looking the way they looked before”. I had a huge gap in between my front two teeth, and it took my self-confidence way down. Then, I heard about Lumineers on a commercial, and I got in touch with Dr. Steven’s office. They met with me and told me Invisalign was a better choice for me! So, I wore Invisalign for about 7 months and now my teeth are perfect, and I’m so happy with them! I love to smile and see people I haven't seen in a while, and have them tell me my teeth look awesome! I love my teeth and this dental office


    Implant and Laser Treatment:

    When I first saw Dr.Stevens, I needed an implant for a tooth I had lost and I was about to lose a second tooth. She installed the implant in a reasonable time with minimal pain.

    She has applied painless laser treatments to the gum area around the tooth other dentists said I needed to have pulled. These treatments helped circulate the blood flow to the tooth and it now seems the tooth will be saved.

    Dr. Stevens applies her knowledge with compassion and empathy.



    I love my lumineers. I am getting compliments on how beautiful my teeth look. I can smile now and not worry about ugly, broken, or stained teeth. I encourage everyone to check them out. They will change your smile and make you feel and look good.

    They are easy to place.  I strongly recommend a visit to Dr. Steven’s office for a consultation about Lumineers. I am very happy, and I love mine.

    A. Kallab

    Comfort and Relaxation:

    My visits to Dr. Miller Stevens’ dental practice have been exceptional.  She has a very gentle touch and is always willing to spend time and fully answer any questions I have had.  She treats both her patients and staff with great warmth and a welcoming feeling.  Her office is way beyond a visit to a sterile, cold dental office.  At my last appointment for a filling, I was offered a blanket for warmth and a headset for music.  I have never felt so relaxed before and during a procedure as I was at this one.  I highly recommend Dr. Miller Stevens’ practice.

    Sandy Osieja


    Very pleased with the quality of service in your office. Great fit on the removable partial the color is a great match. My crown is a great color match to the rest of my teeth also. Thanks so much, you and your team did an amazing job.


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