Root Canal

Today’s Root Canal therapy is NOT your mother’s RCT…


Stem cells are being used in laboratory to try to regrow nerves in teeth now. And, cloning teeth has been done in labs for years. But, the age old practice of leaving dead organic material in the body is ONLY done with TEETH!

Dr. Jerry Tennant of Texas writes in his books that no matter the microbial growth around even asymptomatic root canal teeth, the voltage is off making the dead teeth a dark alley-way for bugs to live and an electron stealer… which makes the voltage of the area positive which is really a BIG NEGATIVE for our health. Dr. Tennant shows the voltage of root canal/ dead teeth can be +30 millivolts—cancer is +30 millivolts! And, he says normal healthy teeth are – 25- 30 millivolts which in reality if a BIG POSITIVE for the body! Normal healthy tissue is an electron lottery- meaning the more we have the better we can buffer the pH to normal. So, -25 to -30 millivolts is a GOOD THING for us!!

My friend and colleague, Dr. Ron Dressler ,co-founder of the IAOMT , states that the Academy recommends utilizing ozone therapy to maintain the pH of old Root Canal teeth until if/when you decide to get them out to prevent infection of tooth and bone called “Cavitation.”

In days of old, silver points were fitted into the roots of teeth to ‘fill’ the empty space where nerve and blood supply used to live. Or, Sargenti’s filling material (taken off the market, now) was used which was not bio-compatible [very problematic when accidently expressed into the periapical (around the root tip) area]. Gutta-percha is natural rubber substance is contaminated with radiopaque material (such as lead) to make it show up better on radiographs (what are commonly called x-rays [--a misnomer)]is no longer bio-compatible material. The PROBLEM with GUTTA PERCHA filling the empty nerve space after the dead nerve, blood vessels, and lymph vessels are removed, is… drumroll: it is NOT antimicrobial!

According to research by (past President of the IAOMT, Stuart) Nunnally, et al, is that the really bad bugs can set up housekeeping in the gutta percha and release toxins into the body which can stop over 300 enzyme reactions.

* The author concludes, "Root canal therapy has proved to be an effective way of treating and retaining endodontically diseased teeth, yet research has demonstrated that root canal therapy does not render the tooth sterile. These preliminary results suggest that root canal treated teeth inhibit the action of critically important enzymes that generate cellular ATP."

IF you are going to get a root canal…today’s global microscopes, ozone therapy, laser sanitization, non-silver/non-lead based calcium oxide or resin filling materials, androtary instruments in well trained the hands, make today’s root canals an accepted procedure by the IAOMT . My friend, Ron Dressler ,shares the treatment of some teeth with an endodontist (root canal specialist) and then fills root canals in this accepted method.

So, not all root canals are created equal and according to Dr. Jerry Tennant ALL teeth are damning to the electricity in the human body. Check out his book Healing is Voltage Cancer’s on/off switches: Polarity.

The foreboding question: Root Canal or Extract…

Root Canal Therapy is a procedure in which the dead nerve and blood supply are removed from the underlying root of a tooth to prevent or treat an abscess (pus pocket, necrotic bone, acid pH and low voltage area created by the body’s defense system in response to dead or dying tissue).

As this soft tissue decays, the body’s defenses try to handle the infected tissues (much like the body would as if it were a splinter in your hand), pus is formed and pressure builds up (creating terrible tooth ache sometimes– sometimes no symptoms at all). The problem with teeth is that the body cannot clean up the dead tissue because it is incased inside the hard structure of the tooth.

Periods of no symptoms may occur during the body’s attempt to clean up the area, but a typical scenario is that the tooth gets more and more sensitive, more and more frequently, until a full-blown toothache occurs. When the tooth is left untreated, many times, then infection blows a hole in the bone, and the pus escapes into the surrounding tissues swelling up the face/neck.

The misconception about body’s ability to heal itself of an infected tooth, EVEN with the right medicines/supplements, there is just no way for the body to access all of the “splinter” or dead/dying tissue CAUSING the infection. And Dr. Jerry Tennant says that the dead organic material should NOT be left in the body!

Remember, Your Health Matters!


Dr. Lorie~~

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