New Clear Partial

Do you have missing teeth but are unsure the best way to replace them? Do you have a partial you don’t like… a Clear-Met TM Partial could be the right answer for you.

Unlike metal partials, Clear-Met TM Partials are metal free, yet are more stable then cast metal partials.  If you have an existing partial...this one is better! 100% of our patients like the Clear-Met TM partials better than what they had before!

The Itsoclear TM clasps are hidden at the gum-line making them invisible and giving a more stable ‘grip’  that’s better than metal or other flexible partials on the market. The clear, flexible framework provides:

  • snug fit but not too tight
  • very strong, comfortable flexibility
  • invisible clasps that are easily repairable and adjustable

Clear-Met TM will not lose its clarity, the pink gums appear natural and the biggest advantage over the other flexible partials available now (Thermoflex TM and Flexite TM ) is that they can be modified in the future if needed.

Clear-Met TM partials are a break-through in dentistry. Itsoclear TM clasps and durable material are changing dentistry forever.

Dr Lorie Miller Stevens, DMD in Gainesville GA

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