Dr. Lorie is IAOMT Accredited + SMART Certified

Don't go rush out to remove your mercury amalgam filings without prior planning.  Mercury is the most toxic element after the radioactive elements uranium and plutonium.  teh most contamination can ofter result when amalgams are taken out without the proper precautions  It must be treated as a hazardous material anytime other than when it is in your mouth! It must be shipped as hazardous material and if spilled, a haz=mat team must be called in to clean up!

You will need a game plan wich includes an overall assesment of your oral health before you embark on this procedure. You will need radiographs, even though I am very conservative on dental radiation !  I have had digiatal radiation since 1996 which reduces radiation by 80-90% and another 10-20% by using  Tru-Align.  Tru-Align is a device to reduce radiation exposure to our patients by downsizing the beam from a larger circle down to just the size of the "film" sensor.  Tru-Align is new and not in many dental offices.  So, spread the word to your friends and family that it is available here  (all patients should demand its use, even if they can't come to us!)  Thyroid protection should always be used with the lead apron during any radiation exposure and we offer herbal remedies to counteract even the conservative amount of dental radiation we prescribe on individual basis.  We often use digital photographs instead of x-rays, in addition to other diagnostic tools.

Dr Lorie Miller Stevens, DMD in Gainesville GA

  • Mercury is the most toxic element after radioactive Uranium and Plutoniumon.
  • It is the only metal that is liquid at room temperature.
  • Silver filiings are 50+% Mercury (Hg)

Mercury mixed with metal alloy powder makes a doughy mixture that can be packed into the space left after decay is removed from the tooth.  The mixture then turns hard thereby holding in the filling–kind of like sticking your hand in the mayonnaise jar and balling up your fist…. your fist won’t come out because it is fatter than the top of the jar.

“Silver” fillings are more that 50% mercury, hence the term mercury fillings.    Dentistry is one of the largest contributors to mercury in the environment and the mouth is the biggest contributor of systemic mercury contamination in people who eat seafood in moderation.   Already, some of us have taken steps to reduce the mercury levels in our offices, entering into the environment, and especially for the patients/ staff during metal filling removal.

IAOMT protocols are used in our office minimize patient and staff exposure to the harmful mercury vapor and particulate matter while removing the old fillings.

Physical protections: special mercury catching suction tips, mercury separator, room air filters, oxygen supplementation, latex-free dental dam with saliva ejector underneath, skin/clothing barriers,  masks, respirators, face shields, and drapes .

We also use Nutrtional support to help open the channels of excretion and speed the residual mercury in contact with the teeth out of the body with the least contact/harm. Homeopathics, herbals, liposomized nano-technology supplements and activated charcoal are in our armementarium to help you.

Bio-electromagnetic field testing and detox, accupuncture, accupressure, hypnosis, reflexlogy, ionic detox, and suana detox, kinesiology, nutrition and health coaching are additional modalities available that work in combination with our treamtent keeping the goal of optimal health in mind.  These integrative modalities are available from our network of gifted practitioners.  Just ask for a referral!

Dr Lorie Miller Stevens, DMD in Gainesville GA

Dental Dam NON-Latex Barrier / Large volume Evacuator/ Hepa Filter with

Body drapes and skin/eye/hair complete coverage for
Amalgam Removal

IAOMT Protocol for Amalgam Revision

Preparation for amalgam revision using oxygen, non-latex dental dam, patient drapes and a DentAir Vac. A non- latex dental dam is placed on each tooth during the process of Mercury (Hg) amalgam revision.

All of the patient’s skin, hair, clothes are covered to prevent Hg contamination Hg particulate matter is an issue as well as Hg vapor

DentAir Vac safely, effectively vacuums debris away from both patient & doctor.

We go further that just eye/skin/mouth protection, we use body drapes, face and skin covers to prevent particulate mercury in water splatter from contacting patients and staff in amalgam revision operations.

To protect the environment we use the capt-all handheld suction tips that trap 92% of the mercury vapor and patiuclate matter before it ever gets to our plumbed in-line mercury separator.

Mercury separators are not required by every state, although they would prevent 96%of the dental waste mercury from ever going out to the public drinking water system.

Georgia is not a state that requires mercury separators in dental offices, though dentistry contributes 8 tons of Hg waste into pottable water each year.  People who have amalgams and or consume mercury-laden food/water, also excrete 8 tons on mercury a year into our sewer/septic systems!

We are doing more than our part to help individuals and the populace at large to be Hg free!

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