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Grow your kids and your family healthy! 

Optimize your body's biochemistry/cell metabolism.

Straighten teeth the natural way-- Better faces, less braces.


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Dr Lorie Miller Stevens, DMD in Gainesville GA

Did you know that crowded teeth have nothing to do with teeth?

The expression of your genes determines how your body looks, feels and performs!  We want to optimize your kids’ biochemistry and the best expression of their best genes!

Our BIO=Kids workshop is an online zoom class to educate kids on proper Breathing with emphasis on healthy lifestyle!

Our health is based on pH which is determined by the way we breathe! Carbon dioxide is NOT the poison we are taught that it is! Actually COallows the  oxygen to release from the hemoglobin and allows it to enter the cells more easily. 

CO is the “fuel pump” if oxygen is the fuel for our bodies.

BIO=Kids We can teach your kids to retrain their breathing, thereby optimizing their quality of life with strong immune system, optimal hormone and neurotransmitter function, even optimal cell metabolism!

In BIO=Kids workshops, your kids learn life skills to manage their own health – coping mechanisms to help handle and reverse symptoms that may arise:

moments of anxiety,  irritation, headache, agitation,

insomnia, poor focus & attention span, tight chest, wheezing, allergies,  rhinitis, 

hay fever, cold or flu coming on, hyperactivity, 

inability to nasal breathe, muscle weakness, growing pains, etc. 

With practice as outlined, you can expect to see improved physical, emotional, and academic performance!

There are no books, pills or machines needed. You can do this practice anywhere, anytime - to improve your symptoms and level out mood and attitude! 




Healthy Family = Happy Family 




Dr. Lolli (Lorie) was trained for approximately 6 years in Classical Buteyko Method by the LBO group headed by Vladimir Sukhonosov, who worked under the direct supervision of Professor K. P. Buteyko for over 25 years, Christopher Drake, the first western Buteyko Practitioner to be qualified by K.P. Buteyko, and Martha Roe have treated tens of thousands of patients, over the past 30 years. The first (1995) medical trial for asthma published in news, documentaries, and media around the world showed the power of Classical Butyeko method that I have adapted here for BIO=Kids!   



Parents help coach your

 kids and coming soon- 

Adult workshops 

(sign up same place as kids)






  • Better Mood & attitude,
  • Better artistic and athletic performance,
  • Better immune system function & biochemistry,
  • OPTIMAL growth & development:
    • For facial proportion/ jaw development
    • To make room for all permanent teeth
    • By optimizing pH which control ALL BODY CHEMISTRY!



Children Workshops

5 sessions 7-745pm ET with extra time at end for questions- typically 

we do 3 evening one week and two the next




Adult Workshops

Coming end of June- dates available after kids’ workshop


Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Workshops Available!

Each session 60 minutes 5 nights over 2 weeks




Individual Workshops

private training available


Individual Training by appointment provides scheduling flexibility along 

with focused attention, which for many cases provides faster and better results.




BioSmile retrains overactive muscles to balance the face for proper 

growth and development so that teeth go straight naturally! Reach 

out  for more info- leave a comment on the FB pages!

Georgia Holistic Dentist/ FB



Warmest regards for your family's best health, 

Lorie Miller Stevens, RDH, DMD, MAGD, AIAOMT



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