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Dr Lorie Miller Stevens, DMD | Myobrace in Gainesville


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Grow your kids and your family healthy! 

Optimize your body's biochemistry/cell metabolism.

Straighten teeth the natural way-- Better faces, less braces.


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Would you believe how crooked or crowded your teeth are has nothing to do with genetics or getting mom's jaws and daddy's teeth... and everything to do with FUNCTION!

Muscles always shape the bones and move them into position according to the function of the muscles.  For example, crowded lower front teeth are crowded over time, not by wisdom teeth pushing on them or because the teeth are too big!  The real reason teeth are crowded is this... incorrect swallowing and breathing habits!

Yes, the way we breathe 20-30,000 times a day and swallow 2-3,000 times a day creates the shape, growth and development of the face and jaws!  So, to uncrowd teeth, I don't use braces anymore!  I use a system called Myobrace from Chris Ferrell at MRC, Gold Coast, Australia.

For the last 20 years, I have studied orthodontics and the best way to  help  people look better and have straighter teeth.  The best yet is helping people get healthier and looking better at the same time!  Would you like to get rid of your dark under eye circles or grow room for wisodm teeth?  Well, that is just whta happened to my daughter, Breland!  She had 2 phases of silver braces and 2 sets of clear braces and STILL.... her teeth were not straight, and her bite was changing from morning to night!

She wore her clear braces at night and woke up with an overbite.  Then during the day at school, she would take out her clear braces and spaces would open up.  She figured out if she did not eat at school, the spaces would not be as prominent, though spaces still opened up during the day.


Fix crooked teeth without BRACES? Myobrace has a 93% success rate over 25 years of straightening teeth without braces or retainers! Myobrace started in Australia 25 years ago and uses the natural muscle pulls and swallowing patterns to straighten crooked teeth.  Science has blamed crooked teeth on genetics when it has actually been environmental factors like:

·    Diet

·    Posture

·    Breathing

·   Tight muscle pulls

·    Reverse swallowing patterns

Dr Lorie Miller Stevens, DMD in Gainesville GA


Dr Lorie Miller Stevens, DMD in Gainesville GA


While straightening teeth, there are exercises to do daily and a mouthpiece to wear only 1-2 hours during day and at night.  Most people truly prefer the nighttime appliance and will gladly do an hour or so daily to prevent wearing braces 24/7 and other hardware that goes with them.  Myobrace in non-metal and removable for good home care. So, there is NO increased chance of cavities! 

A series of 1-4 appliances is individualized for each person.  Some only need the one appliance. Some need more. Myobrace corrects habits by training the tongue, cheeks, and lips to perform as nature intended. After a series of trainers and exercises, the tongue, cheeks and lip will work correctly in unison to create the naturally round arches that have enough room for the teeth to be side by side without being crooked or crowded. Swallowing motion and lighter nose breathing are the natural movements that do not interfere with tooth position. When we create the natural movement of the face and jaws, the teeth have no reason to be stacked on top of each other. In 93% of cases, no braces or retainers are needed unlike traditional braces. 

Myobrace has been around for over 25 years in 70 countries. Now America gets to experience the change that the rest of the world loves. Myobrace fixes more than teeth while giving you an opportunity to never wear those painful metal braces.

Gainesville Dentist | Myobrace. Lorie Stevens is a Gainesville Dentist.