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Have you noticed that  women always seem to be the ones who suffer from Temporo-Mandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJ/TMD)? 

TMJ dysfunction is related to hormone imbalance and can lead to condylar/joint degeneration*.   The TMJoints have both Estrogen and Progesterone receptors.  Women who have degenerative osteoarthritis also have a stress reaction that increases the inflammation and destruction of the joint complex*. 

Estrogen is osteolytic ( breaks down bone) and Progesterone promotes bone growth.  Other beneficial affects of Progesterone are joint flexibility, calm, sleep, anti-depressant, anti-anxiety which would by extrapolation seem to reduce the effects of TMJ.

It is my clinical and personal experience that balancing hormones and  reaching adequate micro- and macro-nutrients will ease if not eliminate even chronic TMJ pain and dysfunction.  In my practice, I have found that patients improve continually as the hormone/nutrient balances improve. So, if you suffer with TMJ, there in hope for better health and life without pain!

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