Dr Lorie Miller Stevens, DMD | February 2012 in Gainesville

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Grow your kids and your family healthy! 

Optimize your body's biochemistry/cell metabolism.

Straighten teeth the natural way-- Better faces, less braces.


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February 2012

Jackie_Harvey.jpg“Let’s Talk about Hormones” Live Seminar Series

featuring Jackie Harvey of the Dr. John R. Lee Institute

 April 16, Monday  ~~ Sylvester, Ga 31791   7-9 pm

April 17, Tuesday  ~~ Plains, Ga   7-9 pm

April 18, Wednesday~~ Blairsville, Ga   7-9pm

April 19, Thursday ~~ Gainesville, Ga 7-9pm

Puberty to Menopause–a Woman’s Journey through  theHormone Stages in Her Life


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